The Institution

Center Shama is a Civil association without own profit or

self interest, founded the 29th of June in 1999, inscribed in "Juridical People" in the Public Registrations of Lima, with departure No. 1110679 and Central Registration in the Ministry of Promotion of Women and Human Development (PROMUDEH) No. 174,

and Resolution Ministry Number 763-2002-DE given by the ministry of Education, with the purpose to work with children of the street.

The responsibility that we have on behalf of God, is to rescue the people in the streets, that are in greatest needs, especially children and adolescents.

The purpose is to restore and to reintegrate the boys, that are living in the street, to the society;

to prepare them, so that they can leave the street; to bring them back to their homes, if it is possible; to give them a new home and to help them to change, so that they can be good men and women.

Approximately we have 60 people, of which 20 are in support of all that refers to the logistics.

Together we have taken the responsibility that is given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ in Mathew 28: 19-20;

We believe in the inner and inalienable value of people made to the image and likeness of God.

We see in the children of the street, an entire potential for the tomorrow, beautiful lives and intelligent boys that can be of great utility for our country.

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