alone, homeless,go hungry, without love and affection, by oneself and living on the street

suffering with epilepsy attack

nobody accept us

Who is a Boy of the Street?

I left my house when was 7 years old and I've never returned.

I left because my father mistreated me badly. He filled a pail with water and put my head into it until I despaired and couldn't breathe any more.

My mother was beaten badly too, but she didn't care about how my father treated me. She didn't care about my life, she neither loved me.

When I left my house, nobody looked after me.

Now the streets are my home, to get something to eat I sometimes masquerade as clown and I entertain people, other times I am begging or stealing.

Yes, I inhale terokal (paste); sometimes also basic paste of cocaine. I have my friends of the street, but in fact they are not real friends, they are only my causes (pseudo friends) to steal or to get drugs.

No, I never want to return to my house, I prefer the street.

This is a typical example of a boy that lives in the street.

They live in inhuman circumstances, like moles (in holes) or in parks, old big houses or trash cans. Dirty ragged, without shoes, begging and stealing to subsist in this life. Making the street to their habitat.

They make the terokal (paste) their friend that gives them pleasure and keeps them back from reality.

They escaped from their houses many times because of physical abuse (their life is in danger) and/or emotional abuse.

Every day these children and adolescents are collapsing more and more (more drugs, robbery, violence, deviated sexuality and others).

They also suffer physical violence because of fights among them and because of the abuse of authorities.

They have suffered emotional violence in their homes, and in the street it is still worse. People treat them like seals, like something useless, and like waste of the society. 95% of the families of the children of the street are living in extreme poverty.

They are children that have left their homes, have cut their family bond and don't want to know anything about their family any more . They have suffered pain and are traeted unworthy, their families haven't known what is love, and the only thing that these children are doing is surviving in any way.

#They are not children that are working in the streets, but return to their houses after working the whole day in .

#They are not children that have been orphaned for certain circumstances, and live without their parents, but still have family

excursion with the streetchildren for on day

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