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boys in the protective custody of the police

young boys in the protective custody of the police

Work with the families of the children of the street

Work with the families of the children of the street

3 a. - How To recover the Boy of the Street?

The minor of the street wishes to return to the society, but their state of slavery to the vices, their addictions, does that that attempt fustre contínuamente. After to have investigated by several years the causes by which the children of the street leave them house homes (institutions), that at the present time in detail exist and to have analyzed point by point, we got to shape all a strategy for its recovery. Shama center applies the following strategy of work in three different stages:

1º. Stage MOTIVATION, in which it is made field activities, in the street (very important stage), providing to the children persuasion to leave the street, motivating its spiritual area and to return them to its home (if it is possible) or to take them to the house of Refuge of the institution.

2º Stage ADAPTATION, will be made in? House of refuge? (First space of estadía of the children), where the boy will receive a deep emotional and physical spiritual treatment, in addition to cultural norms, values, patterns and others, to live in a home by means of the welcome of a Christian family (home substitute) or to pass to the house home of the institution.

3º Stage FORMACION, that will be made in? House home? (house of permanence of the children), forming to the boy with values and Christian principles, educating them and directing them towards a profession and a different style from life.

3 b. - Work with the families of the Children of the Street

85% of the families of the Children of the Street are disfuncionales, is no father, in some cases the lived boy to with padrastro abusive, in other cases the mother has gone away of her house or is a person with vices or she to deceased and the boy has madrastra that does not love it and it mistreats physics emotionally and. The 10,5% of the children of the Street are orphaned of father and mother. 10% of the children have together father and mother, but with one it carries far poverty. The goal of the Shama Center is to work per year with 20 families, treating to reinsertar to the boy of the street, again to its home. Preparing the familiar atmosphere that the boy needs. The families are taught about their duties and responsibilities like parents, besides to instruct them to prevent the flight with their smaller children to the street.

3 cs. - Investigations and Publications

We are in a continuous preparation, knowing and understanding the reality of the boy of the street, making investigations and publications. We have published manual - a titled comic strip?10 Guidelines to deal with the Boy the Street? illustrated to all understandable color for children and adults. At the present time already we have placed 1.000 units. Ademas we are in the preparation of the book? The subworld of the boy of the Street, that next we will publish.

3 d. - Qualification and Training to work with the Children in Risk

One of the main obstacles, that we found at the beginning of our work was not to find people enabled for this task, mainly the people thought that as is dealt to a boy with family, about equal way is due to deal with to the children the Street, working children and others. They said that the boy is young, soon is no difference. For Shama Center

celebration the Christmas with the childern of the street

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