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steep and stony

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The Peruvian background of the Childhood

The problem of this children in these especially difficult circumstances, can't be treated isolated without knowledge about the social-economical context of our country and the whole southamerican continent.

It's part of all day life.

This problem is directly associated to the impoverishment of the families in Latin America. According to UNICEF, it is considered that 170 million Latin Americans are living in conditions of absolute poverty.

In our country 14% of the population are living in extreme poverty or neediness, and equivalent to 3,5 million inhabitants, 2 millions are boys, girls and adolescents (Group of National Initiative).

Peru is a young country, 30% of it are children and 14% are adolescent (INEI - 1993); that means a great commitment for the tomorrow because ?today's sew is the tomorrow's harvest? ?the children of today, are the men of tomorrow.?

Only in Lima it is calculated that approximately 1500 to 2000 boys, girls and adolescents, with the age among 6 to 17 years, are living in the street.

This phenomenon is consequence of the family crisis that we experience, the increment of disfunctioning families, extreme poverty, migration to Lima, that during the last two decades ascended to exorbitant percentages, the crisis of values that our society experience and the infantile abuse, that every day is increasing.

All this causes, that every day a boy escapes from his house.

lot of house en Lima

house without the water and electric

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