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Collection the old thing

Governement of Peru give the Ground at Center Shama

The Recycling Project

?It is only required of good will to Support those that doesn't have anything ?

Center Shama began the "Recycling Project" , with non useable waste, since December 2001.

With the construction of the fence of the land of Center Shama, we will enlarge this project, to be one of the main benefits to support, with what is collected to the construction of the Refuge House. Then you can participate in this project too.



- Old pots,lids, sources,bowles, wasted pipes, keys, windows.

- steel, copper, aluminum, iron.

- parts of cars, batteries.

- Devices in disuse (washing machines, iceboxes, kitchens, televisions, radios, ovens, cooking machines, typewriters, etc.)


- Recipients, gondolas, broken or unused pitchars .

- Yogurt or creme cups, shampoo, etc.

- Old shoes.


- Used office or computer paper, envelopes, written notebooks.

- newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, phone guides

- Cardboard boxes.

- Residual papers of printings and graphics.


- Shelves, seats, desks, tables, etc, in good state.


(that is still useable) for boys and adults, men or women.

Communicate with us. We all have something to give.

Call us at (01) 389 16 93 / 579 25 63

or write to:

Direction: Centro Shama, Jr.Jorge Sedano 385,

Urb.Canto Bello, San Juan de Lurigancho,

Lima 36

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