Barbara Minder from Switzerland

Verena Müllhaupt Missionary from Switzerland

Testimony Barbara Minder, Verena Müllhaupt

"Already as a child I dreamed of working among kids in South America. Finally my dream came true! For three months I'm in a completely different world and in a different culture. It's quite a challenge to express myself in a foreign language. And besides that there are so many new things! The first few times I went somewhere by bus or by taxi were such adventures that I prayed for safety because people drive so fast and overtake other cars with very little distance. First time we went shopping in the market I wondered if I really should eat the fish we bought! There were so many flies that I wondered how I would tolerate eating Ceviche (uncooked fish salad)... In the end it tasted very good!

It surprised me that cow-stomach, -lungs and -feet actually taste good! Besides the special food, I find this culture very different from the Swiss culture, and I often have a hard time adapting myself! But I shouldn't forget that I came to serve and to help! This help is very welcome because my employers are doing a challenging work. Their commitment and engagement impress me a lot! One can really feel that for them it's a privilege to work with the street kids at Centro Shama!

It's a privilege to experience the presence of God so real as we do here! Some days before College started we had to buy the uniforms. Of financial reasons it was not sure if the kids would get shoes and backpacks, too. Exactly at that time somebody offered the money for the shoes! The boys' joy was incredible! They applauded, and several boys prayed, thanking God for that present. It really is a privilege to experience that!"

Barbara Minder, Lima, May 2005

My name is Verena Müllhaupt. I'm from Switzerland, working as a missionary for the World Mission Swiss Organization. I have been in Peru for the last 12 years. I have been working with street children for seven years. Three years working for a Street children's house named "Los Girasoles" run by Scription Union in Peru. Currently I'm working for "Centro Shama" working with street children for the last four years.

Centro Shama is my big family. I felt that I could give something and received something from them as well. Many children on the streets recognize me when I walk through the streets, many of the children hang around the busy streets and under the bridges and along the river.

I am not afraid to walk in the streets at night because I know my work in under God?s protection and authority. I feel secure and I enjoy doing this job. I can feel the love and trust these children have given to me. They live in complete nostalgia, hungry for love and looking for a hug as if to say: ?I love you, you are important to me.?

The children know that we (the street visitors) are they friends and in the same way they are our friends. Many times out on the streets they are our protection against other dangers in this environment.

Verena Müllhaupt

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