two friends each other trust

young girls pregnant of the street

streetworker help the childern for write and read the letter

very difficult for full of drug

New Working Areas

In the development of the first stage of work, ?Motivation?, the educators are gathered in 4 groups, to leave to the streets of Lima and Callao to look for children that are living there in the streets.

The new areas are:

-Puente Nuevo Zarate

-Por la Entrada en Huaycan

-Esquina Av. Abancay con Av. Grau

-Av. Javier Prado con Paseo de la Republica

-Av. Peru con Puente Duennas

-Independencia Av. Tupac Amaru, cerca de Metro

-El Preventivo Juvenil (Shelter of the National Police) of San Juan de Miraflores

We stopped to work with the children that are living in the center of Lima for a while, because several groups are working in this area and we had a lot of work duplicity.

Mary talk with Isabell

the boys is very hungry, have eat and drink for bringing from the streetworker

streetworker with childern the street in the night

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