this boy is alone y very hungry

next the street en the night

the boy is exhausted and sleep

How offering (donor)

How to offer? (donor)

To donate (to pass over a person to another the domain of a thing)

- With Money

If you want to be participate in this great vision ?to Rescue the Boy that Lives in the street?, and you want to participate as associate of the Institution, you can do this in anyone of this two modalities:

a)monthly donations

b)one single donation

The bill of savings in dollars is:

Nro 19110880767-72 (Bank of Credit)

- With Goods

Center Shama is glad to recive everything, that can be usefull for the Refuge House or for the children directly. Like beds, electric artecfactos, blankets, kitchen utensils, tablesor furniture in good state.

Communicate to

weary exhausted and sleep

sleep en the avenue

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