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Construction Campaign for the Refuge House

We believe that the boy and adolescent, that lives in the street, wants to be reintegrated to society. Excluded from it, he is suffering , he just wants to be like everybody else. So a lot of the streetchildren go voluntarily to shelters with the intention of being restored, but they meet established rigid rules, certain routine of activitiesand normally there are many children but very few tutors (1 or 2 tutors for 30 children) with lack of unit of approaches.

We believe that there is a great physical and emotional crash when a boy of the street is passing from the street to a shelter. The kids of the Streets are very accustomed to their freedom, for them ?it is a prize to their pain?, they value their freedom a lot. One can notice that the boy has obtained addiction to the street, and that is why we believe that a refuge house is the most appropriate to treat this addiction.

The priority of the refuge house (second work stage), will be the adaptation of the kids to a different atmosphere than the street.

In the refuge house we will prepare us, so that the boy can adapt on living in a home. It is there, where the boy will receive a deep spiritual, emotional treatment and in some cases also physique, so that he can leave the bad habits that enslaved him and he will be able to live in the home of Center Shama or being welcomed to live in a Christian family.


El Peruvian government has given us a part of land of 1,600 m2 located in front of the street "The Eucalyptuses" with the Street 3, in the Urbanization "Canto bello", district of San Juan de Lurigancho, to build the refuge house.

The budget for the construction ascends to 200,000 American dollars, of which Center Shama has already collected 30,000 dollars in Lima.

At the present time we are finishing the last steps in the Municipality, to start to build a great fence with a store.

If you want to be participant in this great vision to

"Restore the Boy of the Street?, communicate with us. Together we can provide him a complete treatment in a home, and not in the street. We will show you the note of the construction Campaign.

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