Beginning of the Training School

One of the main obstacles that we met in to the beginning of our work, was not to find qualified people for this task. Most of the people believed that how you talk to a boy with family, in a same way you could talk to the children of the street, children that are workling in the streets and others. They thought that a boy is a boy, and so there is no difference. For Center Shama it was hard work in the beginning with the people with that concept.We saw the great necessity to instruct our population and we began with different training seminaries. Now we have a more serious and deeper study with the Training School for Children in risk ?From the streets to the Light.?

For it, Center Shama had carried out formation works, training and 160 educators' of the street training, during the 11 seminars , that were organized during these last two years. Besides this we organized and to presented the first International congress of children of the street, titled: ?A Treasure Covered with Rags?, in January 2000, in Lima - Peru, with the Colombian exhibitor Ps. Stevan Bartel and an attendance of more than 200 people, which maent a great impact on our society.

We interacted with different churches (6) in Biblical Institutions (2), in universities (1) giving chats and seminars at national level.

We also have a radial program, in a local radio station.

( Radiate Pacifico every Tuesday from 3 to 4 pm.).

At the present time we have the Training School for children in risk ?From the Streets to the Light? that has already prepared 70 people for the challenge in this ministry.

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